I have to start off by thanking this beautiful woman to the left here. She has been more supportive through this journey than I could have imagined. Dm josh started playing Tabletop RPGs around the age of 18. As a young teen and pre-teen he was an avid console RPG gamer. He grew up watching Star Wars with his dad and reading the novel that came with it. This was during the great time of the Expanded Universe. He was always curious about the world of dungeons and dragons but he didnt know how to get involved.

It wasnt until he met DM Jason and a Brotherly bond was formed. The first TTRPG he was introduce to was Star Wars D20. He spent a good 6 months building up his sith apprentice to only kill his whole party and even himself. We bought every D20 book they had for Star Wars and we played it on and off for the next three years.

When we met DM Jeff we were just about finished with our first SW Campaign. It was Jeff who introduced him to Dungeons and Dragons. Jason got him into TTRPGs and Jeff showed him the ways of D&D 3.5. They three of them became inseperable. No matter what they were doing, they were talking about D&D.

Then Josh joined the Navy and Disappeared for about 8 years. When he would come home on leave hed try to get a quick game in with his Brother Jason. He didnt play much while in the Navy, unfortunately there werent enough other RPG like minded friends in his circle. He did get alot of console gaming in again.

After he got out of the Navy he got with his brothers and started TTRPGs again. It was like a breath of fresh air. It would only take two years of being out until we joined our very first LARP. This is where Clan Badwolf was formally made. LARP lasted about 4 years, during that time we made countless friends and companions. Im sure if you stay around long enough you'll get to hear some of them play with us here on Fantasy Grounds.

Which brings us to now. Josh runs multiple games on Fantasy grounds and is about to dabble in some F2F games. He can come up with stories fairly quickly and good stories as well. If you're ever just looking to play im sure he has something ready to go. Josh is a very sandbox style DM. He's willing to take you off the beaten path if that's what you feel your character wants to do. Josh is the Player's DM!!!