Welcome Fellow Adventurers

First off let me thank you for taking the time to come by and check us out. We offer a variety of items to our fellow  DMs and even our players. Our items can be found on the Dms Guild. There is a direct link to all of our Items available below.

Fallen Tree was our first product released on the DMs Guild. It hit 200 downloads on August 13th 2020. We were pretty excited about that.  This is Pay what you want and the link is here:    The Fallen Tree

   These maps were all hand drawn by DM Josh. They come in a PDF format and they also have a fantasy grounds .mod file. these maps are pay what you want as well. you can find the PDF maps here: Hand Drawn Grid Maps. you can also find the Fantasy Grounds .mod file here :9 random battle maps.

Finally we have The Lost Hammer of Brew. This game was originally written for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition.  This was play tested by multiple people. DM Jeff wrote this adventure for a weekend excursion we had at his house. we played this game for 3 days straight and loved every minuet of it. This also has two formats PDF and a .mod file for Fantasy Grounds. Both are $3.00 separately. You can get the Bundle bundle for $5.25.

On the left you have a link to all of our social medias. On the right are just some of the various services we offer.







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Classic Dungeons & Dragons back in print! - Available now @ Dungeon Masters Guild

Us at Triple J would like to extend a huge thank you to DM Greg! He is the main DM who got us involved with adventures League  D&D. Below are a few links to his social medias as well as his website. There are also Videos on the Of Our Adventures with DM Greg.